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Keywan Najafi Tonekaboni,

I was born in Tehran, Iran, just few days before the first "Persian Gulf War" began. I moved to Germany 1985 to where my father had already escaped (writer is a quite dangerous job in Iran). I lived in Cologne, Wuppertal, Niederrhein and – my favorite – the Ruhrgebiet.

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I finished my Bachelor in "Applied Communication- and Media Science" at the University Duisburg-Essen. Since 2008 I try to get familiar with the hills of the Teutoburg Forest. Why I left my beloved Ruhrgebiet? Because I started to study Interdisciplinary Media Science in the maybe ugliest but at the same time most practical University, the University of Bielefeld. I'm involved at Hertz 87.9, the college radio for Bielefeld. I work as a freelance journalist and trainer.

Have also a look on my professional website.





I wrote in the last years few articles in different media and start to produce features for the radio. Here are some examples. Check out the references on my professional website as well:

Deutschlandradio (DLF, Computer und Kommunikation)
Heise (c't, heise open)
Hertz 87.9 (Radio)
Indymedia Germany
Genderterror Fanzine
I was involved in the conception and layout of this fanzine. Also I was co-author of some of the articels, too. For more information about Genderterror see below.


Hertz 87.9

Our University has a really cool radio station, Hertz 87.9. It's totally funny to work in a real radio station. I'm part of on of the teams of our daily show "Der Morgen". I produced some features for other shows, too. Just check the links above. Since 2010 I'm member of the project leading team and take care about organisational and as well as technical aspects of Hertz 87.9.



Of course, I was involved in some projects:

Solderin' Skaters

With some friends I took part at a competition by Nokia, the Push N900. We enhanced a skateboard with sensors and bluetooth and connect it with a game running on a Nokia N900. Just check out our Website for more details.

AZ Mülheim

The "Autonomes Zentrum Mülheim" (autonomous center) is an old indoor horse riding arena, which was adapted to a self-organized culture-centre. There is a lot of space for different projects, parties, groups and concerts. In some of these groups I help or participate.

Genderterror was an alternative, non-commercial queerparty. The project continues, but without the party.
A free, GNU/Linux based internet-cafe. The iCafe was open on weekdays and it was also used for workshops or for office work by other groups, e.g. the Kaschemme.
Kaschemme - Projekt V
The Kaschemme is an alternative vegan food co-op, where you can get, as a member, cheap, vegan, usually organic food. But it is also a project to connect people interested in vegan ideas for other projects, like cooking together, demonstrations, parties and so on.
Penguins Hour
Penguins Hour was a continous workshop and self-help group around Linux on Desktops. The central aim was to help newbies to use a computer and support themselves. It was also a place where Linux-related questions could be asked and the attendees will help to find a solution. Penguins Hour supported mainly the free software.
Zeche23 - chaostreff an der ruhr
This was the local group of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) in Mülheim. In our monthly meeting we talked about computers, media, privacy and sometimes arranged talks, workshops, or the legendary hacker weekends, called Hackers Hotel. Check out the website for further information.

There are a lot of other activities in the AZ, but I was "just" involved in these.


I started to help a little bit to translate and write documentations for GNOME, a free desktop for Linux, *BSD and other Unix Systems. But unfortunately, I have so much work at the University, that I couldn't find free time to work for GNOME. Mostly I reported bugs and helped on the GNOME conference GUADEC, like in Kristiansand (2004), Vilanova i la Geltrú (2006) and Istanbul (2008).


The Independent Media Center NRW (short IMC NRW) was a network or group of people, who are interested and active in independent media work. The focus was on helping out at Indymedia Germany and reporting about social movement actions. But it also should be a network for any kind of independent media activity in Northrhine-Westfalia (a region in western Germany) and not limited to


Since I bought a Nokia 770 I was involved a little bit in the Maemo Project with reporting bugs. In Meamo things change so fast, so I couldn't keep up all the time. Now the project transform to MeeGo, I'm curios what comes next.

Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Linux is an Linux Distribution, based on Debian. It use GNOME as default desktop enviroment and aims to provide a operating system, that everybody can use, independent from their language or computer skills or disabilities. I tested unreleased Versions of Ubuntu and wrote bug reports. Also I was a "member" of the Laptop Testing Team and gave feedback about Ubuntu on Acer Travelmate 223 and the last released Apple iBook G4 (12", 1.33GHz).



You can download my PGP Public Key. If you like, you can also check the Fingerprint, but maybe it's better to check it in real life.


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